ruhepool berlin

ruhepool berlin - since 2006

the location for your well-being
ruhepool berlin body, mind & soul spa, time & space for your well-being

our story is a long story, as a lot of storie s are long stories, but we did train to tell it quicker than long. welcome dear ladies and gentlemen. 12 years of joy. 12 years of fullfillment. enter y/our space and time and start to train to relax. we are there for you. to support you on diverse body, mind & soul frequencies. all dailies will always surprise all of us and there wont be one single day without any challenges. but. the solution is to take it all. and to train to deal with all without having to panic, without drama. we do develop your personal daily cleansing and relaxation rituals together with you. whether you decide to book a body treatment, a meditationtraining or a counseling, just choose the one you feel most comfortable with, we do accompany you no matter which instrument you do prefer. do not hesitate to ask all your questions.


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