Oromo Coffee

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Oromo Coffee
Coffee roasters
Neue Schönhauser Strasse 19
10178 Berlin

Oromo is a young speciality coffee roastery, founded in 2018 in Berlin. The mission of the company is to make the world of artisan coffee easily accessible for everyone. This is achieved by delivering freshly roasted speciality coffee to both, the home and office space. With a wide variety of carefully selected coffees and Oromo’s flexible subscription plans, the company thrives to create a special coffee experience that is tailored to the tastes and habits of its customers. Oromo sources hand-picked beans from the best farms in the world. To ensure the best flavours, the beans are gently roasted, after which they are directly delivered to the customer. 

  • 100% speciality coffee
  • freshly roasted
  • delivered to you